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Adding curtains is one of the final stages of decorating your dream home, they add a ton of character to your space. At Vastu Decoration, the best curtain shop in Pune, we provide home decoration services to complete your space.

First of all, curtains can give a property a luxurious feel! With a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, and patterns, there is no shortage of beautiful curtain options to choose from. Curtains can be hung to bring your interior design ideas to life, whether you want to add a soft texture to an ultra-modern flat or compliment a classic vibe.

Curtains play an important role in enhancing the decoration of a home. A versatile and essential element of home decor. They improve the overall look and feel of a space and offer practical benefits such as light control, privacy, insulation, and sound control.

It also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. They add visual interest and can be used as accents or focal points in a room. By choosing suitable curtains from the best curtain sellers in Pune, you can create a cohesive and stylish look that reflects your taste.

Type of Curtains in Pune

Eyelet Curtains in Pune

Eyelet curtains, also known as grommet curtain, are window treatments characterized by metal rings or eyelets on the top edge of the fabric. These eyelets can be used to hang curtains on the curtain rod, giving it an attractive and modern look.

Eyelet Curtains shop in pune
Eyelet Curtains dealer in pune
american curtain for home in pune
American curtain for home in pune

American Curtains in Pune

In American curtains, you can find different styles, materials, and designs based on personal preferences and trends. Find the best American curtains from curtain shops in Pune.

american curtain for home in pune
American curtain for home in pune

Roman Curtain Blinds in Pune

A Roman blind is a type of window covering that gives a sleek and elegant look to a room. They are made from a single piece of fabric that folds evenly into horizontal pleats when the straps are raised.

Roman Curtain Blinds shop in pune
Roman Curtain Blinds dealer in pune

Why Is Vastu Decor the Best Curtain Shop In Pune?

curtain Fabric in pune


Vastu Decor offers a variety of fabrics that complement the style and mood of the room.

Length and Fullness

Length and Fullness

You can decide the desired length of curtains based on your preference and room dimensions.

Color and Pattern curtain in pune

Color and Pattern

We guide the existing color scheme of the room and offer a range of curtain options that coordinate or contrast with it. Neutral tones and solid colors provide a timeless look, while bold patterns and vibrant colors can make a statement or add a pop of color.

Header Style curtain pune

Header Style

The style of screen titles affects their overall appearance. Common header styles include rod pocket, tab top, grommet, plate, and eyelet. Choose a style that complements the style of the room and matches the curtains.

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