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Wallpaper provides a versatile and creative way to add personality, color, and texture to your home’s interior. It can transform a plain space into a visually stunning and inviting environment. Whether you prefer a subtle and understated design or a bold and vibrant statement, Vastu Decor provides multiple wallpaper options to suit your style and create the desired atmosphere in each room.

It comes in various patterns, colors, textures, and designs, offering a wide range of options to suit different styles and preferences. The choice of wallpaper design, color, and texture can greatly influence the atmosphere and overall feel of the space.

Type of Wall Papers

Wallpaper For Living dealer in pune
traditional Wallpaper For Living shop in pune

Wallpaper For Living

Choosing the right wallpaper for your living room involves considering several factors to ensure it complements the overall style, ambiance, and existing decor of the space. 

The goal is to select a wallpaper that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living room while creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Explore different options of a wallpaper at Vastu Decor, and envision how the wallpaper will transform your space before making a final decision.

Wallpaper For Living dealer in pune
traditional Wallpaper For Living shop in pune

Wallpaper for Bedroom

The bedroom is your personal space for rest and relaxation, so We suggest a wallpaper that reflects your personality and promotes a peaceful environment. Explore wallpapers with interesting textures and finishes to add depth and tactile appeal to your bedroom walls. Options like grasscloth, silk, or embossed patterns can create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere.

Wallpaper For Bedroom shop in pune
Wallpaper For Bedroom dealer in pune
Wallpaper For Kids' Room dealer in pune
Wallpaper For Kids' Room shop in pune

Wallpaper For Kids' Room

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for a kids’ room, there are various options available that can create a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Cartoon Characters
  • Nature and Animals
  • Space Adventure
  • Fairy Tales and Fantasy
  • Sport Activities
  • Educational and Alphabet Designs
  • Underwater World
  • Transportation
Wallpaper For Kids' Room dealer in pune
Wallpaper For Kids' Room shop in pune

Commercial wallpaper

Our Commercial wallpaper is specifically designed for use in commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. It is durable, easy to maintain, and often comes in various patterns, colors, and textures to suit various design aesthetics.

Commercial Wallpaper shop in pune
Commercial Wallpaper dealer in pune
Customized Wallpaper dealer in pune
flower Wallpaper For bedroom

Customized Wallpaper

Decide on the design or image you want for your customized wallpaper. It could be a photograph, a digital artwork, a pattern, or even a logo. Ensure the design aligns with the theme and style of your room. At Vastu Decor, we provide various choices, including vinyl, textured, peel-and-stick, or eco-friendly options.

Customized Wallpaper dealer in pune
flower Wallpaper For bedroom

Acoustic wallcoverings

Acoustic wallcoverings, also known as acoustic wallpapers or sound-absorbing wallcoverings, are specifically designed to improve the acoustic performance of space by reducing reverberation and noise levels. They offer both functional and decorative benefits.

Why is Vastu Decor Best Wall Paper Dealers in Pune?

flower print wallpaper in pune

Design and Pattern

Vastu Decor offers endless wallpaper design possibilities. It can feature patterns such as floral, geometric, stripes, damask, botanical, abstract, or even custom designs. The choice of design depends on your personal taste and the desired ambiance of the room.


Color and Texture

Wallpaper comes in a vast array of colors, allowing you to find the perfect hue to complement your interior decor. Additionally, wallpaper can have various textures, including smooth, embossed, textured, or even 3D effects. The texture adds depth and visual interest to the walls.

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Cohesion with Interior Style

Whether your space is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, select wallpaper that complements the existing elements and creates a cohesive ambiance

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